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We believe everyone should have access to the same stage, from first-time storytellers to published authors. Each monthly reading features one established writer alongside nine up-and-coming writers across genres.

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Fiction writers


nonfiction writers

Readings begin with a 15-minute selection from our monthly Featured Reader
Every reading includes nine up-and-coming writers who read for 5 minutes each
Come early to get a good seat
Mingle with readers and fellow lit lovers during intermission
Visit bars and restaurant venues all over town
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Submit to Read?

We accept and review submissions on a rolling basis, and curate events to include writers of all backgrounds and experience levels. We have a high acceptance rate, but it could be several months before we invite you to read. We encourage you to attend our events as an audience member in the meantime!

"These days, it's a pleasure being around writers in any capacity, but The Inner Loop creates a really warm and welcoming environment for everyone who shows up."

– Louis Bayard